Electricity Prices

How is the price fixed? How it breaks down?

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Pruning safely

Tree branches near power lines may become dangerous, cause power cuts, cable drops, or serious personal injury.

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Water Tariff

Natural water is free. Its treatment and distribution have a cost, is the price of water service

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Solar Tender

Construction of a 3 MWp solar farm at Kawene, Efate, Vanuatu

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@MIRIDIMETA is free and allows you to manage your billing.

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Cut Notices

Receive the list of power/water cuts by email as soon as they are published on the UNELCO website.

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Consult programmed ELECTRICAL and WATER cuts

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Satisfying our customers

Understand your bill

View the details of your invoice point by point

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Control your consumption, control your budget!

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To be supplied with electricity, any house must be connected by a "connection" between the electricity distribution network and the individual or collective counting table.
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Fast, free and ecological

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