UNELCO is developing the production of electricity from renewable sources with local resources.


Solar energy, produced by the radiation of the sun on the earth, represents an inexhaustible and 100% green natural source.
The solar energy produced by the sun's rays on the earth represents an endless and 100% green natural source.

UNELCO uses photovoltaic panels.

The first grid-connected photovoltaic farm in Vanuatu was installed on the roof of our dock workshop in Tagabe. With a nominal power of 81 kWp, it was commissioned in May 2011.

The photovoltaic farm in Kawéné consists of 3,420 panels on a ground structure for a nominal power of 1094 MWp. It was built on the site of the wind farm.

This €1,500,000 investment was jointly financed by the European Union, the Government of Vanuatu and UNELCO ENGIE Solutions.

It was commissioned in March 2018.

The 510 kWp solar farm, with a ground-mounted structure, was built in the north of the island on the Undine Bay plantation. It was commissioned in January 2016.

The photovoltaic panel produces direct electrical current when illuminated by the sun's rays. This electrical energy is then transformed into a form that is compatible with the distribution installations by an inverter. It is an energy that is easy to produce, but which is only produced during the day.

It is inexhaustible and low in CO2 emissions, without harming the environment and local residents, and meets people's electricity needs on a long-term basis.