You can choose between several payment methods to pay your UNELCO ENGIE bill:

Borne de paiement
Direct debit
Prelevement Automatique
by phone
Paiement par Téléphone
Payment at
UNELCO head Office
Paiement en Agence

Payment Terminal

Save time by using our payments terminals.

Two payment terminal have been installed at the entrance at UNELCO Port-Vila office.
These payment terminal will allow you to pay up your electricity and water bills in cash only with high security.
It is a self-service everyday continuously from 5am to 8pm, Saturday/Sunday/ public holidays included.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or via phone number at 26000.

Direct debit payment

With automatic debit payment, it is more reliable.
To activate your automatic debit, download and complete the following debit authorization form, along with your secret account number.
You will receive your invoice 15 days prior the due date and the invoice amount will be automatically debited from nominated account on the date indicated on the invoice.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or via phone number at 26000.
Download the application form

Payment by phone

A fast and efficient way to pay your bill by phone with "M-VATU Vodafone" & "My Cash Digicel".

In order to pay  by phone :

1) The customer must have a Vodafone or Digicel SIM card.

2) The customer must register with Vodafone or Digicel and obtain a secret personal identification number.

Please contact Vodafone on 081111 or Digicel on 123 for more information.

Payment at UNELCO head Office

It is always a pleasure to receive you!
To pay at our main office at Port-Vila, please bring with you your invoice and choose the transaction payment.

To pay by cheque, please note the reference number and/or policy number located on your invoice and post to UNELCO PO Box 26 Port-Vila Vanuatu.
Please note: it is important to allow the necessary time of the due date of the invoice.
Place the cheque in the “cheque box” outside of the commercial agency UNELCO main office at Port-Vila.
You can bring the cheque to the cashiers at the commercial agency UNELCO’s Office.
Please note: in the event of a reject payment, UNELCO will add the charges to your invoice.

Our machines are equipped to accept payments with BSP , ANZ , BRED and NBV Bank cards.

Present your invoice to the cashiers at the commercial agency, which will be paid for the proof of the payment.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or via phone number at 26000.