Because safety is everybody's business at all times, UNELCO Engie deems it to be its utmost priority!

UNELCO's "Health and Safety" policy aims to preserve the integrity of all people on our sites and distribution networks - employees, temporary workers, subcontractors, customers, partners and visitors.

Training, awareness-raising and risk prevention procedures are available. Beyond UNELCO's responsibility, it is the responsibility of each employee, temporary worker and subcontractor to be vigilant, to respect the hygiene and safety instructions and procedures and to report any risk situation.

Periodic training in risk prevention and control is provided on a regular basis:

  • electricity safety
  • fire
  • first aid
  • driving machines
  • gestures and postures
  • working high up off the ground
  • use of personal protective equipment and tools adapted to the activity
  • work preparation and risk analysis
  • setting up a health and safety committee to study health and safety aspects

Every employee, at every level, must be aware of his or her personal and collective responsibility for safety.

Our goal: Zero fatal accidents