Arts, History and Cultures of Vanuatu

The Utlalo Foundation was created in 2013 by Father Jean Rodet, from the Marist Church, to share with the public the collection he has gathered since he arrived in Vanuatu in 1961.
Traditional artifacts from the Vanuatu islands, historical objects explaining the history of the country, contemporary art…Father Rodet has wished to show the Vanuatu in its historical complexity and artistic wealth.

PATRIMOINES review of the National Heritage Institute / 2014 / n10
Pauline Gendry and Florent Molle : Marist History of a collector in Vanuatu
To go deeper/ blong save moa

Arts, Histri mo Kaljors blong Vanuatu

Utlalo Faondasen i bin kriaetem long ya 2013 bae Father Jean Rodet, blo marist Joj, blo sarem wetem olketa koleksen i bin mekem from team I kam long Vanuatu long ya 1961.
Tradisional atifakts blo ol aelan blo Vanuatu, atifakts blo histri blo Vanuatu, art blong tedae…Father Rodet i wantem talem se Vanuatu i gat histori hem i complex mo Vanuatu art is rich tumas.

Pictures of Utlalo Fondation, ©Valéry Lebeau

Opening hours

The museum is open on Wednesday and Friday, from 9 to 11 am and 1 to 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 to 12 am
Booking is required by calling the (00678) 7397002 or by writing to
The museum will be closed on January 1, February 22, Mai 14, July 24 and 30, August 15, Novembre 30, Decembre 25 and 26.

Museum i open long wensdae mo fraede, long 9 tu 11 long moning mo 1 tu 5 long aftanun mo long Satadae lo 9 kasem 12 long moning. Yu mas bukim long namba ia (00678) 7397002 o raet i kam long imel ia:
Museum bai i klosem long Januari 1, Februari 22, Mae 14, Julae 24 mo 30, Aogust 15, Novemba 30, Disemba 25 mo 26.

Admission with guided tour

The Foundation can't be visited freely because of the display. All our fees include the guided tour of the museum by the curator.

Ni-Vanuatu citizens & visitors under 18 years old > Free
Schools (10 students max. per group) > Free
Vanuatu foreign residents > 200 VT
Tourists > 1000VT

Praes blo visit wetem toktok

Blo lukluk long ol artifak long musium ia, yu nidim wan gaed blo undestanem koleksen we i stap. Wetem ol praes ia i gat wan tour wetem wan man we i toktok

Ni-Vanuatu & Visitors bifo 18 > Fri
Skul (10 student max. insaed wan grup) > Fri
Vanuatu foreign residents > 200VT
Tourists > 1000 VT

Extraits du film réalisé par le Père mariste Willy Melteras en 2012, suivant la visite de la Fondation Utlalo par le Père mariste Jean Rodet.

Getting here

The Utlalo Foundation is located in the Nambatu area, at the top of Port-Vila. To get there from the city centre, you have to take Kumul Highway or Artois Street, pass along the Bon Marché supermarket and after 150 meter take your left to Paray church. Just after Paray church, take your left. The Foundation is face to the football field.
From the wharf, you have to follow the Wharf Road to go to the city, after gas station turn right to Paray church, pass along it and turn left at the football field.

Rod blo kam

Utlalo Faondasen hem i stap long Nambatu. Sapos I kam blo city, bae yu go ontop, yu passem Bon Marché, afta 150 meta bae yu tanem left lo Paray church. Faondasen i stap lo nala saed blo football fild.
Sapos yu kam blo wharf, yu folem worf rod i go long citi, kasem gas stesien. Afta gas stesien ia, yu tanem raet lo Paray church. Afta Paray church, yu tanem left nomo.

Soon coming

In the next month, the Utlalo Foundation will extend to host a library for public, students and researcher. This library will be dedicated to Vanuatu history and art and broader to the Pacific cultures. A very large documentation about missionary history in Vanuatu will be available too. Few books shall be on sale on site.

Bae i kam

Long neks manis, wan laebreri bae i open long Utlalo Faondesen, blo pablik, student, risercha. Insaed laebreri bae i gat bukis long art mo histri blo Vanuatu mo Pacifika kaljor. Bai I gat plenty bukis long histri blo missionary tu. Bai yu save pem samfalla bukis long ples ia tu.

To support Utlalo Foundation

The Utlalo Foundation is not supported by any public or private organization yet. To develop its activities, to create new projects, to have a continuous exhibition policy and be able to acquire again (artifacts, books), the Foundation need to be supported.
The donors shall benefit from fringe benefit depending on the sum of money they give. For more information, please contact Alexia Courville to the following email:

Blo helpem Utlalo Faondasen

Utlalo Faondesen i bin no saportem yet bai wan pablik o praevet organisaesen. Blo developem aktiviti blo hem, kriatem niu project, blo mekem niufala exibisen I kam mo blo pem niufala artifakt mo bukis, Faondesen i nidim saport blo yufala.
Donors bae I winim advantej i folow mani i givim. Blo save moa, yu save raetem long Alexia Courville long imel ia:

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