UNELCO have two concessions contracts in EFATE Island,

  • Producer and distributor of electrical energy on the island of Efate

  • Producer and distributor of drinking water in the urban centre of Port-Vila (Efate) and suburbs.


UNELCO has been present in Vanuatu since 1939.

It operates three power stations:

  • the thermal power station in Port Vila
  • the thermal power station at Tagabe
  • 3 solar farm (Kawene, Tagabe et Undin Bay)
  • 1 pump station

UNELCO has been implementing electrical power generation solutions using renewable resources for several years. This mix of means of production is called the Energy Mix. It enables the use of renewable resources to be optimised.

UNELCO's energy mix includes diesel, wind power, biofuel (copra oil) and grid-connected solar power.


The first grid-connected photovoltaic farm in Vanuatu has been installed on the roof of our dock workshop in Tagabe. With a nominal output of 81 kWp, it was commissioned in May 2011.

The photovoltaic farm in Kawéné consists of 3,420 panels on a ground structure with a nominal output of 1,094 MWp. It was built on the site of the wind farm.This €1,500,000 investment was jointly financed by the European Union, the Government of Vanuatu and UNELCO ENGIE.

A 510 kWp solar farm with a ground-mounted structure has been built in the north of the island on the Undine Bay plantation. It was commissioned in January 2016.


12 wind turbines model GEV MP VERGNET of 275 kW each and one XANT wind turbine (100 kW) for a total installed capacity of 3.4 MW.

The wind farm is connected directly to the UNELCO power plant.

UNELCO has been delegating the public service for the production, treatment and distribution of drinking water in Port Vila since 1994.

UNELCO is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the water networks.