UNELCO has been a public service provider for the production and distribution of water in Port Vila since 1994. It supplies drinking water to a population of about 50,000 people.

UNELCO is in charge of the production, treatment and distribution of drinking water.

UNELCO designs, builds, operates and maintains water systems and associated equipment (boreholes, pumping stations, drinking water plant, and storage tanks).

Even if water is of good quality, a chlorination treatment ensures its portability from the source to the customer's meter.

Each year, nearly 8500 parameters (physico-chemical parameters & bacteriological parameters) are monitored throughout the distribution network. These analysis are carried out by VANUATU SERVICES ENGIE.

Concerned about the quality of the water supplied to its customers UNELCO applies standards from Europe and Australia.

In order to avoid waste, each customer is equipped with a meter and UNELCO constantly monitors the losses on its network. The network efficiency has for several years been of the order of 78-80%, which is considered a good distribution efficiency.

Recognized by its peers in the region, UNELCO has received some prizes awarded by the Pacific Water Association (http://www.pwwa.ws/) composed of players in the production, and distribution of water in the pacific Region zone both for the overall quality of its services and for its technical performances. (link to PWA).

A founding and permanent member of the Tagabé River Catchment Committee is actively involved in the preservation of Port Vila's water resources. These 28 hectares are now totally preserved from all potentially risky activities and almost 3,100 hectares for which activities are regulated.