The Government of Vanuatu has set ambitious targets for the decarbonation of electricity generation with 100% of the electricity generated from renewable sources in 2030.

The achievement of this goal will consist in new RE projects by UNELCO but also projects from Independent Power Producers (IPP) either from the Government of Vanuatu, Vanuatu National Provident Fund, or co-funded or granted by Development Agencies.

In order to organize the various RE projects that may arise in the future, UNELCO has established a Selection Criteria and Pipeline Registration Process. This 5 stages pipeline process will guide and provide transparency to potential developers.

Every project will undergo a screening process to verify its relevance and its compatibility with the objectives.

Currently, there are 4 projects in the pipeline. They are at various at stages of achievement.

The detailed project selection criteria and pipeline registration procedure can be found in the attached document :   Selection Criteria and Pipeline Registration Process