In order to be supplied with electricity, any dwelling must be linked up by a « connection » between the electricity supply network and the individual or party meter box.

This connection may be by means of an overhead power line or partly or totally by underground cable.

If the service connection line is greater than 30 m then it is necessary to extend the network. The contact detail for extension of the network is shown below:

Contact for: New Connection: UNELCO Engie Commercial department – Connection section New extension: UNELCO Engie Technical department- Project department

Financing – NEW Connection (Low Voltage)

The costs incurred in the establishment of a New Connection, for supply under the low voltage category of tariffs, are shared, with 80% borne by UNELCO and 20% by the customer.

This rule applies to all current tariff categories, being:

  • Other Usage (Tariff A)
  • Small Domestic Consumer (Tariff B)
  • All licensed usage (Tariff D)
  • Street lighting (Tariff E)
  • Prepaid (Tariff P)
  • Sports Grounds (Tariff T)

This arrangement does not apply to changes to an existing connection, such as:

  • Change-over from single phase to three-phase or from three-phase to single phase
  • Moving an existing connection or meter
  • Replacing a connection or meter box damaged because of vandalism
  • Metering adjustment following an increase or decrease of power subscribed to

Special conditions apply for party connections.

Terms of payment are 50% on signing the contract, 50% prior to commissioning.


Financing – NEW Connection (Medium Voltage)

The costs incurred in the establishment of any NEW connection, any alteration or removal in relation to Medium Voltage supply (Tariff F), are to be borne 100% by the customer.


Application Procedure

If you wish to be connected to the electricity or water supply, please go to the nearest UNELCO branch in your province with the requisite documentation.

  • Copy of identification
  • Certified copy of the plan of the premises to be connected
  • Proof of ownership or occupancy of the premises
  • · If you are an owner: a letter of confirmation from a lawyer or a copy of the purchase agreement
  • · If you are a tenant: a registered copy of the tenancy agreement or a certified copy of the owner’s approval


Once an application is lodged, an appointment is made with the customer in order to inspect the installation and consider how to connect the premises to UNELCO’s network.

  • In the case of electricity, our technicians carry out a technical assessment, which includes how to lay the cable or wire, its section, the location of the meter box, the group box if applicable, and the switch-board.
  • In the case of water, the purpose is to assess the earthworks that will be required and work out the location of the manhole to connect the premises to the mains.

An estimate of costs of the work to be carried out, valid for a period of three (3) month, is then prepared and forwarded to the customer by post at the address he has provided to us.

Any work inside the premises is to be carried out by the customer’s electrician or plumber. UNELCO will carry out any work within the public domain, once all the necessary administrative authorizations have been received.

A final invoice will be issued on completion of the work.

At the time of signing the customer agreement in duplicate, one copy of which will be given to you, you will be required to pay a deposit as payment in advance of consumption in accordance with the current schedule of rates