Before taking a subscription at UNELCO, please ensure that your premise is connected to the networks of electricity and water.

If your connections to electricity and/or water are not yet carried out, refer directly to « NEW CONNECTIONS TOPIC»


If the connections to electricity and/or water are connected to the premise please provide the following documents: 


If you are a tenant:

  • identification papers
  • certificate of hiring of less than 3 months filled by the agency/agent or the owner of the lease


If you are the owner:

  • Identification papers
  • Document of land title

Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice before moving into the premise to ensure UNELCO can perform the steps required for power and water. 

To draw up your contact please come into the commercial agency at the UNELCO main office. UNELCO will provide you with a copy of your signed contracts; UNELCO will calculate the advance on consumption which will need to be paid upon signing of the contract which is calculated based on the amount of subscribed power required.

Once the contract has been signed UNELCO will perform the steps to ensure power/water to the premise within 24 hours on average.