Save money on your electricity bills with these energy saving tips.

You could actually save money by using energy more efficiently throughout your home. Most of us are not used to thinking about now how we use the energy that powers our homes. But simple changes to your daily habits can have a huge effect on the water and electricity bills


During a purchase prefer energy-saving household electrical appliances and consult the label European energy)

The label Energy also supplies other information, specific in every household electrical appliance, useful to help you to choose the most eco-effective model:



  • Switch off the light when you leave a room
  • Use low consumption bulbs
  •  Switch off electrical appliances by disconnecting them instead of leaving them on in "sleep" mode. They use power even in "sleep" mode.



  • Close the doors to any air conditioned rooms to keep the cold in
  • Lower the temperature of the thermostat on your air conditioner by 1°C
  • Check the condition and maintenance of air conditioners
  • Switch off air conditioners when you leave a room



  • Keep your freezer or fridge away from any source of heat such as ovens, sunshine
  • Defrost your fridge and freezer regularly to keep it running at maximum efficiency
  • Clean the railing of aeration
  • Do not put hot dishes or food in the fridge. Leave them to cool down first.



  • Do not wash part loads wait until you have a full load
  • Wash at 30°/40° instead of 60°
  • Select economy setting