Protect your electrical appliances

Temporary disruptions or swift voltage fluctuations are normal on any electrical network.

They can be due to natural events such as lightening, storms, for instance, or electrical events such as power cuts, planned or otherwise, work on the network, etc. These are phenomena that are not entirely under the control of network operators.

Under the customer electricity policy, customers are responsible for ensuring the protection of their electrical appliances.

As a rule, manufacturers make provision for voltage fluctuations by oversizing certain voltage-sensitive components in their appliances and/or install an additional protection device against voltage surges. Thus electrical appliances are designed to withstand a power cut or a voltage fluctuation, as provided for under « Clause 6 » of the customer policy.

Nevertheless, UNELCO Engie recommends that you connect any sensitive appliances to protection devices such as power point lightening protectors, voltage regulators or surge absorbers.

These devices will help you safeguard your property against damage caused by voltage fluctuations, power cuts, networks statics, small surges, flashovers, etc.

Ask a supplier of electrical equipment for more information.